GranDuke supports field operations for environmental monitoring through the production of field maps, web-based content management systems, mobile applications, and sophisticated data analysis software.

AGATHA | Automated Guideline Assessment Tool for Highspeed Analysis Check water, sediment, tissue, or air quality data against provincial or national guidelines. Learn more

TABATHA | Trend And Background Analysis Tool for Highspeed Analysis Analyze current water quality data against historic observations to watch for exceedances or trends that can identify potential problem events or forecast the need of future mitigation. Learn more

"The huge contribution GranDuke's work has made to the province of Alberta and especially the Southern Region in completing our goals for the Water Quality Management Framework and the Regional Plans, could not have been done to meet our deadlines without their work!!"

Natalie Kromrey, Limnologist

Alberta Environment, March 1, 2013

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