You may have collected terabytes of data, but what do you do with it? Staff at GranDuke Geomatics has a wealth of experience analyzing data to identify patterns and trends to support key decision making. Our technical experts have experience with:

  • + Machine Learning - finding patterns in data that humans simply cannot see
  • + Remote Sensing - using airborne, satellite & hand held image devices to analyze surfaces
  • + Spatial Data Analysis - using GIS to visualize, describe, and analyze
  • + Data fusion - combining data such as aerial photos and lidar for synergistic modelling
  • + Statistical methods - draw sound conclusions from data
  • + Data conversion - reading and translating data from a variety of formats

At GranDuke we believe in the power of automation through software design. Computers don't get tired, bored, sick, or side-tracked. Let your computer do the heavy lifting so you can focus on key decision making.

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